“Autism and Me” – a documentary by Rory Hoy

Rory Hoy (18) produced a short award-winning film providing viewers with his perspective of the world around him.
Ordinarily, this might be described as any teen’s video diary but Rory shares his world with one crucial difference: he has autism. Rory highlights the absurdity of clinical language usage when attempting to describe the lens through which children and adults on the autistic spectrum experience life. He uses accessible terminology to instil meaning in his day-to-day experiences, which allows the viewer to understand and empathise with some of the challenges presented by things like: high noise levels, crowded environments, hypersensitivity, changes in routine and figures of speech (particularly poignant for those in early years settings).

It’s a wonderful, engaging film that deserves a place on every practitioner’s shelf and in every setting’s CPD toolkit.

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